Gudang Garam International Clove Cigarettes

Gudang Garam International

Original 1 carton contains 240 cigarettes.
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The meaning of Gudang Garam is "Salt Warehouse" was founded on 26 June 1958 and it is salutary to reflect that one of most successful tobacco companies in Indonesia today should have been started less than fifty years ago and by a man of such humble origins as Tjoa Ing Hwie.

If you have a question.. what the most populer kretek in this moment? the answer it's Gudang Garam International. With 30 mg Tar, 1.8 mg Nicotine, Blended from high quality tobaccos and natural cloves to provide an exclusive aroma, extra satisfying taste. The real exclusive clove cigarettes for professional smoker.

Gudang Garam International
become one of biggest role in tobacco industry in Indonesia and pledge to compete in clove cigarettes marketing. Besides gudang garam international also in other dissimilar brand production is which the same quality like : Gudang Garam Professional, Gudang Garam Surya dan Gudang Garam Signature.

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